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Pond Design

We provide the design, construction, and renovation your pond or lake needs. Our team of dirt movers are trained heavy equipment operators, and can turn your raw land into a beautiful aquatic environment. Although we specialize in lake add-ons and smaller pond construction, no job is too big for our team.

Pond and lake construction - Herrmann's Fish Farm

Pond and lake construction

Every lake is different, and we understand this when it comes to building your dream lake. We take the time to design the lake properly to incorporate natural contours and structure, as well as, design the shorelines to help prevent weed and algae problems in the future. We also offer natural and artificial cover to be placed in strategic areas to promote fishing “hotspots” when the lake is completed. Let Herrmann’s Fish Farm make your trophy fishing lake possible.

Pond Design FAQ's

If size isn’t an issue for your pond but you are unsure how you want to proceed, we can visit with you about the objectives and goals of your pond. Do you want giant bass in your pond? Would you rather have a bluegill pond? Strictly catfish? The terrain, depth, and slope of your pond can be adjusted depending on the fish species you want to grow in your pond!

During the summer and early fall in South Texas, the weather can be very warm and your fish will want to find colder water to cool down. For this reason, we would recommend a minimum depth of 8’ in the center of your pond. The perimeter of your pond will of course be able to handle shallower depths of 1-3’ allowing for a gradual slope to towards the middle of your pond. Once we get a look at the kind of space we are dealing with, we can give you a great idea of what kind of pond size and shape we can do!

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