FAQs - Herrmann's Fish Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Fish Stocking

Our prices are subject to change, give our office a call and we can get you an up to date price list!

When stocking a brand new pond, we like to recommend stocking forage first and get a season of breeding through them. This will maximize the available area of the pond with forage fish so that once we stock bass and/or catfish, they have an abundance of food to eat and in the long run be more sustainable.

Tilapia are great forage fish! They reproduce like crazy and will also feed on algae and other organic material in your tank, keeping it nice and clean. When the water cools down in the winter your larger bass will eat the brooding size tilapia to keep the population at bay! When stocked right, ponds with tilapia can grow really big bass!

Pond Aerators

That entirely depends on your preference! If it’s for having a very healthy fishery, bottom diffusers are the way to go. If you’re looking for aesthetics, then the surface aerators or fountains would be best for you.

Yes! We offer many different lighting packages (even RGB lights) and the Kasco J series come with many nozzles included that are easily interchangeable for whatever spray pattern you want!

Aerate Your Pond In Style

Windmills are ideal for aerating your pond when electric or solar aerators are not a realistic option while giving your property a classic look.