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Lake Management

Let Us Manage Your Pond or Lake.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the care and maintenance that comes with a pond or lake. Are you feeling concerned about your fish population? Struggling to find the time to properly take care of your pond or lake? We can help you.

Pond Management Packages - Herrmann's Fish Farm

Pond Management Packages

Herrmann’s Fish Farm offers year-round pond management packages that are tailored to each pond we manage. Whether your pond or lake is located in an HOA community or on a ranch off the beaten path, we can assist you with managing it.

Depending on the goals you have in mind and the issues you are facing with your pond, we can tailor a plan to keep your pond healthy throughout the year, thanks to the proactive approach we practice with our maintenance.

To determine your management package cost, please give our office a call and we will get all the information we need. We are confident that our services will enhance your pond/lake and look forward to serving you in the near future!

Pond Management Packages - Herrmann's Fish Farm

Pond Management Packages

Our management packages are broken down into 12 monthly visits, 6 bi-monthly visits, or 4 quarterly visits to your pond(s) and includes the following

  • Labor & Travel to site
  • Professionals with Commercial Pesticide Applicator License & Equipment
  • Liability Insurance & Permits
  • Electroshocking Surveys (if agreed to)
  • Water Analysis
  • Vegetation Control
  • Feeder and Aeration Sales/Installation/Maintenance (if purchased from HFF)
  • Proactive, preventative maintenance approach for Habitat Improvement

Lake Management FAQ's

The pros would be that it prevents UV light from reaching deeper into your pond keeping algae and plant growth to only the shallows making it easier to treat. With the dye you can also tailor the color of the water how you would like! Cons would be that sometimes the dye doesn’t last so you might be dying every month. We don’t see any effect on fish health with dyeing. 

Cost of chemicals and dye are not included in monthly visit cost.

Let us know of potential issues they want us to tackle ahead of time so we can plan our trip accordingly i.e. if there’s algae, cattails, do/don’t want to dye.

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